New York City Violin, Viola, Cello & Piano Lessons in Your Home

New York Violin and Piano Lessons

Our teachers in New York City are led by Dominic, co-founder of City Strings & Piano. They are all active musicians in New York and have degrees from the city's renowned music institutions. Teaching is an important part of their work, and they love sharing their talents with students of all ages.

Lessons in your home are ideal for the busy New York family, and we love making lessons convenient for you so that you can fit music into your life! Our friendly and fun teachers use Suzuki and traditional methods for lessons with beginners, kids or adults. Our teachers can come to you throughout Manhattan and to many parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Send us a message and we'll connect you with a great teacher who works for your schedule.

We also offer the option of bringing all the materials you need right to your home, including violin rentals. We will discuss your needs when you contact us and you can decide what is right for you.

Our New York City studio hosts semi-annual recitals with professional piano accompaniment in a convenient Midtown location. Recitals are included in your tuition, so there is no extra charge.


When you sign up for lessons with City Strings & Piano, we find a time that consistently works for you and your teacher. Having a dependable lesson time greatly increases your child's success in their music lessons. We suggest the same for practice time. Our fastest progressing students tend to practice for smaller amounts of time, but nearly every day, and often at about the same time each day.

We pride ourselves on offering the personal touch that all the best music lessons have. You can contact your teacher directly at any time, and we encourage you to do so, especially if there is a questions about practice! Dominic is also always available to discuss your progress and loves to hear about how all our students are doing.

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Violin & Viola Teachers

Meet our amazing group of violin and viola teachers, below. They are all experienced, friendly and fun teachers and performers available for great violin lessons in your home! Many are experienced Suzuki teachers as well, so be sure to ask about that when you contact us if you are interested in Suzuki lessons.

Piano Teachers

Our experienced piano teachers love teaching lessons in the home so that they can get familiar with you or your child's practice environment and with the piano you have at home. Students can start as young as 3 years old in Suzuki or traditional methods.

Cello Teachers

Cello lessons in your home in New York City makes perfect sense for any busy family. That way you or your child don't have to carry the cello on the street or the train! Our teachers are happy to come to you and share their talents. Suzuki cello is available for students as young as 3 years old. What's cuter than a tiny cello?!

New York Studio News & Tips

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Before you sign up below, contact Dominic at (646) 580-9099,, or by using the Contact Us form on this page. He will connect you with a teacher that works for you and schedule violin, viola, cello or piano lessons in your home. You can find price information in the drop down menu below, which reflects the cost of monthly tuition for weekly lessons in your home, excluding group classes or instrument rental.

When you're ready to start, choose your lesson length from the drop down menu below. Our office will automatically adjust charges or prorate as necessary. Please be sure to go over the City Strings & Piano Studio Policies.

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Monthly tuition includes weekly lessons (44 per year), registration and recitals. Group class, materials and instrument rental will be added to tuition at your request. You can start or stop lessons at any time. Be sure to read the studio policies and let us know if you have any questions!

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