Superior Rating at Solo & Ensemble!

Congratulations to Fionna S. for earning a Superior at Solo and Ensemble this year! About a month ago, she casually mentioned to her teacher, Courtney Elizabeth Bell, that she was going to play a random song for her solo and ensemble performance. "Yeah right!" thought her teacher! Courtney had a conversation with her about the importance of choosing a friendly and well practiced piece for any performance. She agreed and they quickly worked up her Minuet No.1 from Suzuki Cello Book 2. 

Today she walked in with a nearly perfect score card and superior rating!! Judges praised Fionna for her "beautiful and confident tone", excellent intonation and steady pulse. Not an easy feat! To top it all off, she decided that she wants to audition to test out of the freshman orchestra at her high school next year. In the past, Fionna was very shy about auditioning for anything. Courtney is "one proud cello mama"!

Congratulations, Fionna! All of us at City Strings & Piano are so proud of her hard work and accomplishments! Break a leg at your next audition!

Fionna S. takes Suzuki cello lessons in Minneapolis/St. Paul with Courtney Elizabeth Bell.