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  • Give us a call, email or fill out our form, and we'll match you with a teacher that works for you. You can start or stop at any time, and you can schedule a trial lesson.

Who Will Be My Teacher?

  • We work with you to find a teacher that meets your needs, level and learning style. Our teachers are committed to crafting a unique learning plan for each of their students.

What Ages and Levels Do You Teach?

  • We have teachers who work with students as young as 3 years old through adults. Contact us and we will find the teacher who is right for you.

Do You Offer Suzuki Lessons?

  • Yes, in most cases we can offer a qualified Suzuki teacher to come to your home.

My 5 year old daughter couldn’t wait to start violin lessons. It was only after finding City Strings and Piano that we were able to find a teacher that was not only a masterful instructor, but also knowledgable about various teaching approaches, and flexible and responsive to my daughter’s specific learning style. She got to participate in a wonderful recital experience. I highly recommend City Strings!
— C.M., via Google
Aside from being convenient, the teachers I have met are warm and welcoming.
— S.C., via Yelp

When you contact us for lessons in your home, our music education specialists will help you find the perfect teacher for you or your child. We have assembled a fantastic team of teachers dedicated to helping you meet you or your child’s musical goals. They are all active musicians in Austin and have degrees from renowned music institutions like Vanderbilt and Belmont University. Teaching is an important part of their work, and they love sharing their talents with students of all ages.

Lessons in your home are ideal for the busy Austin family, and we love making lessons convenient for you so that you can fit music into your life! Our friendly and fun teachers use Suzuki and traditional methods for lessons with beginners, kids or adults. Send us a message and we'll connect you with a great teacher who works for your schedule.

When you sign up for lessons with City Strings & Piano, we find a time that consistently works for you and your teacher. Having a dependable lesson time greatly increases your child's success in their music lessons. We suggest the same for practice time. Our fastest progressing students tend to practice for smaller amounts of time, but nearly every day, and often at about the same time each day.

We pride ourselves on offering the personal touch that all the best music lessons have. You can contact your teacher directly at any time, and we encourage you to do so, especially if there is a questions about practice! Our team is always available to discuss your progress and loves to hear about how all our students are doing.

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If you'd like more information about lessons, contact us at (615) 649-3997, austin@citystrings.com, or by using the Contact Us form on this page. We will find out more about you or your child's musical goals and connect you with a teacher that works for you and your schedule for violin, viola, cello or piano lessons in your home.

When you're ready to sign up, click here to be taken to the new student registration form. Tuition for weekly lessons is $155, $225 or $295 per month for 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons. Additional time for longer lessons or lessons for siblings or parents is discounted 10%, reflected in the tuition amounts above.

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Meet Our Teachers

Meet some of our amazing violin, viola, cello and piano teachers, below. Our team is full of experienced, friendly and fun teachers and performers available for great lessons in your home! Many are experienced Suzuki teachers as well, so be sure to ask about that when you contact us if you are interested in Suzuki lessons.

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From an early age, Genevieve Gilbert has always had a keen interest in the arts. As a child in Lakewood, Ohio, Genevieve studied art, dance, theater, and singing. She also began private piano lessons, and soon took up the violin through her local public school program. Studying with many violin teachers varying in styles from classical to fiddle to blues, Genevieve was introduced to an alternative approach to music and violin that would forever influence her. At the same time, Genevieve sang in the Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Choir, played violin in the Lakewood Project (a pioneer High School Rock Orchestra directed by Dr. Elizabeth Hankins), Cleveland’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra (Directed by Liza Grossman), including performances with Mike Garson, Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo, and STYX.

After a year abroad in Taiwan as an International Rotary Ambassador, Genevieve continued her music education in Cleveland. Thanks to the city’s eclectic music scene and exceptional selection of professional musicians, Genevieve was fortunate to study with the award-winning Danish violinist Dr. Hanne-Berit Hahnemann. It was through Dr. Hahnemann’s musical wisdom and mentorship that Genevieve gained a complete appreciation for violin pedagogy and her artistic capabilities.

Genevieve has participated in master classes and orchestral studies at the Brevard Festival Summer Orchestral Program and Berklee’s String Fling in Boston, and has received private instruction from Takako Masame of the Cleveland Orchestra. Takako’s instruction, in thought-provoking detail, offered a clear vision of how Genevieve could combine her long and continuous list of musical influences from the classical, jazz, avant-garde, pop, and rock genres into her music making.

Genevieve has participated in Cleveland’s Thagaraja Festival held at Cleveland State University under the direction of Shashikiran Kn and Leo Coach. The Cleveland Thagaraja Festival is the largest Indian classical music festival outside of India. It was first celebrated in 1978 and has now grown to be a 12-day festival with more than 8,000 attendees with 2,000 appearing for the opening weekend.

Featured Students

We love to share news about our students and tips from them to inspire them and others. It's always good to know what other students who take lessons in their home are doing. Enjoy news and practice tips from our students below.

Violin Lessons Manhattan

Congratulations to Ella for discovering a new schedule that led to a huge improvement to her practice! Ella just started playing the violin in the winter and has been doing a wonderful job in her lessons. Finding the time to practice can be hard, though, when you are adding a whole new activity to your schedule. After trying several different approaches and strategies, we discovered that practicing in the morning before school was the best time for Ella and her family. If you can work it into your morning routine, it can be ideal for establishing a regular practice habit. Not only does it ensure that practice doesn't get pushed aside by other things that come up during the day, but it also allows your child to approach the violin with a fresh mind and spirit! Give it a try--we think it can lead to great results! Once Ella started practicing in the mornings, she began to learn all of her songs so much more quickly and is almost done with Twinkle. Her violin lessons have been even better and she is learning so much more. Congratulations to Ella! Keep waking up to practice every morning!

Austin Violin Teacher

Call or email Austin director Cara to discuss how to get started with lessons in your home. As an experienced violin and viola teacher, she can connect you with a great instructor who can help you or your child meet their musical goals.

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