Student Spotlight: Marisa Nghi L.

Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Marisa Nghi Lewis! She has been thoughtfully chosen by her teacher for the student spotlight. Marisa is a violist in Suzuki Book 3 and studies with Jennifer Osmanoglu in Cincinnati, OH. Here are Jennifer's thoughts on Marisa's achievements:

Marisa has worked very hard this year to become a more intuitive and expressive musician. Most notably, she shows improved intonation, confidence, and practice skills. I am so proud of her!

Marisa's intonation has really improved this year. When I asked her how she did it, she said her school orchestra teacher wanted them to work on interval ear training. So, she studied intervals both online and by playing them on the piano so she could test herself and develop her ear.  Since she worked so hard on her interval studies, she is able to self-correct intonation issues rather than having to rely on teachers to tell her she is out of tune. I have been very happy with her close attention to details in her playing! She now adjusts her notes without having to be reminded.

With her improved intonation has also come a much greater confidence in her playing. She is thrilled with her increased confidence, because having more confidence makes it easier for her to play the viola. I have noticed a huge difference in her playing and over all musicianship.

Marisa's practicing habits have also improved! She practices more efficiently by isolating trouble spots or sections in the music and working on them until she plays them correctly. She then works on the entire piece and since she has already worked out the troublesome sections, it is easier to combine everything to make a complete piece. This is a much more efficient, thoughtful and professional way to practice viola, and is a difficult skill to master. 

Congratulations, Marisa! All of your hard work is paying off, and I am so proud of you!