Terrielle's Practice Tips

NYC Violin Lessons


Terrielle began violin lessons in NYC with me about a month ago. She is 5 years old, and attends the Birch Wathen Lenox School. During her first violin lesson, she learned about the 100 Day Practice Club, and jumped at the chance to participate! In my 10+ years of teaching private violin, I've never had a new student be more organized, and dedicated to their daily practice!


Right off the bat, Terrielle and her family got organized about practicing, and made a plan. They printed out signs to post around the apartment as a reminder to practice. These reminders are placed all over their apartment, even on the front door!




Sometimes, the signs aren't enough to remind Terrielle to practice. Her Mom makes a point to remind her everyday, and she always practices right away!


Staying Organized

Terrielle's family helps her stay on track, by keeping a binder of all her violin notes. They type up the notes from each week's lesson, and make a list of daily practice activities. She even has some violin themed coloring book pages in her book for fun! They also post the week's violin assignments on her bedroom door, and put a copy in her violin case, for when they are out of town. This way, she ALWAYS knows exactly what to practice, in any situation!

Keeping Track

Last, but not least, Terrielle made her 100 Day Practice Chart and taped it to her bedroom door. Every time she practices, she picks a new sticker to place on the chart. So far, she has logged 33 days of practice! In that time, she has learned the Ant Song, Flower Song, and Monkey Song. She is working hard on her tall posture, excellent "stop sign",  and a good bow hold. I can't wait to see what she sounds like after 100 days! Way to go, Terrielle! Keep up the good work!