100 Day Practice Club for the Second Time!

Cincinnati Violin Lessons

Congratulations to Penelope W. for practicing 100 consecutive days for the 2nd time this year! Penelope has studied Suzuki Violin with Cincinnati Strings for the last year and a half.  In her most recent 100 day practice streak, she has made huge strides in her violin playing. She mastered the first half of Suzuki Violin Book 2, and is currently working on Witches Dance by Paganini. 

In her first 100 day practice streak, Penelope worked really hard to master proper violin posture, bow holds, intonation, and sound quality. Her hard work in the beginning has really paid off, because now she is free to focus on more elaborate techniques in her violin playing.  She has progressed quickly through Book 2, and is working on note reading and advanced bowing patterns.

So far, her favorite piece is Waltz by Brahms. In this piece, she focuses on crescendos, dynamics, and bow distribution. She is continuing on with her practice streak, and hopes to make it to 200 consecutive days! Her goals for the next 100 days are to improve her fluency with note reading and to finish Suzuki Violin Book 2. Way to go, Penelope!!