Great App for Mastering Pitches!

NoteWorks: Note Reading App for Pitches

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Note reading can be one of the most difficult aspects of learning an instrument! There are two main pieces of information that each note gives you; the pitch and the rhythm. For pitch, students must learn to recognize the location of the note head on the staff, and determine if it's high or low, or on a line or space. Each line and each space on the musical staff are associated with a different pitch on your instrument.

Noteworks is one of my favorite apps for teaching pitch! The graphics are fun, but more importantly, the progression of pitches introduced with each level is great! If you choose a "custom game", there are a lot of features to play around with. Students can choose from 4 different speeds, so they can track their progress. 

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The very first level covers a perfect 5th in C Major, starting on middle C. Once you have mastered those notes, you can gradually advance all the way to level 6, which covers 3 octaves in the key of C. You can also choose any of the 14 major keys with accidentals.

Noteworks is a really engaging tool to help students of all levels learn to read pitches. It is designed with piano students in mind, but it works really well for violinists, violists and cellists as well! It is available for Apple and Android, and costs $4.99 for the full app.