100 Day Practice Club has Two More Members!

Suzuki Violin Group Class, Cincinnati

Congratulations to Samantha & Ella for earning their membership to the 100 Day Practice Club! The sisters take Suzuki Violin lessons in Cincinnati, OH with Ms. Cara. Over the last 100 days, both girls have accomplished a lot with there violin playing. I had the opportunity to reflect with the girls last week on all the progress they have made!

Ella has studied violin for a little over a year. She has learned a lot about bowing techniques, including circle bows,  up bows and down bows. Her most recent Suzuki song is "O Come, Little Children", which uses a very tricky "double up bow" pattern. Her bad habit this year has been a sloppy violin wrist. Her goal is to maintain awareness of her wrist position each and every time she plays, and it's starting to get better! Ella is most proud of 2 new songs, "Ba Ba Black Sheep" and "The Alphabet Song". Ella learned to play these songs all by herself without any help from her teacher or parents. Way to go Ella!

Samantha's violin playing has improved tremendously! In the past few months, she has mastered "Minuet 3" (her favorite song!), "The Happy Farmer",  and is currently finishing "Gavotte" by Gossec. In addition to her new repertoire, she has developed a loud and clear sound, tall violin fingers, and improved focus. She has made huge strides fighting her bad habits, which include a sloppy sounding point and raised bow pinky.

I'm so proud of the work Samantha and Ella have done in our Cincinnati Suzuki Violin Group Class! They always have awesome attitudes in class, and they have improved their note reading, ensemble playing, and leadership skills. Way to go, Girls!