Recitals Help Move the Learning Process Along

violin recital

We just had our winter recital on Sunday and I already see the renewed excitement and enthusiasm in my students' lessons. The steps leading up to the recital, review and mastery, are so important, but can seem tedious, especially for younger children. And while the recital celebrates mastery, the following week celebrates new discovery. I've been teaching a lot of new skills this week and it's great to see the excited looks on everyone's faces as they tackle a new challenge. It reminds me of the first time they successfully played their first song! And I've seen so much success with these new challenges, mostly because of the work put it polishing all the skills that led up to this week's lesson.

I remember when I was told that the stage is the best teacher--and I remember even more when I realized it for myself. Preparing, rehearsing and presenting any kind of public performance hones and solidifies skills every time. Perhaps even more important is that it develops experience and confidence applicable for every stage of life. Be it class project, college interview or client presentation, we always have something to learn by getting up in front of people and presenting something that we diligently prepared. So, congratulations to all our students who performed for taking this important step in their development as musicians and as people, and thanks to all those in their support systems who helped to make it happen every step of the way!