Suzuki or Traditional?

At City Strings & Piano, we offer music instruction in both traditional and Suzuki methods. Music instruction in the traditional style is the compilation of decades of music pedagogy. The traditional method wastes no time getting our students reading music, working on bow strokes, and working from tried and true etude books. The teacher makes repertoire choices considering the most present needs of the student, and music instruction encompasses note-reading, music theory and instrumental technique in simultaneous fashion. 

The Suzuki method focuses on developing the musical abilities in a young student within a community of peers, family and teachers. Children can learn to play as young as age three, learning music just like they learn language--by listening, imitation, and repetition.  Parents and teachers collaborate together to guide the child in his or her musical journey in a supportive environment. Parents actively participate in the lessons, writing observations and making notes for their practice time during the week. Regular group classes supplement the weekly private lessons by providing an opportunity for students to play music together and create a fun, musical community.  In group class, students speak the common vocabulary of the Suzuki repertoire and perform their music, learning community life skills such as team-building, respect, and unity. 

 At City Strings & Piano, we understand that everyone learns differently. We believe that the traditional approach and the Suzuki method aren't necessarily at odds with one another.  We look to offer the best blend of time-honored string pedagogy to connect with your child and bring music to your family in the most accessible way!