How Does the 100 Day Practice Club Work?

100 Day Practice Club, Violin

Recently, I've been challenging my students to join the 100 day practice club. It is a guaranteed way to increase motivation, improve long term goal skills, and dramatically improve playing. Here's how it works:
The 100 day practice club consists of extremely dedicated and special students. In order to achieve membership to the club, students must commit to practicing 100 days, in a row! The only exception for breaking the 100 day chain is if you are so sick, you are in the hospital. Students must create a chart with 100 days, and come up with a plan to achieve the goal. Some students decide to create a fixed routine, such as practicing every single day at precisely 5:00 P.M. Others decide to plan ahead for very busy days, and wake up 15 minutes earlier to get their practicing done before school.
Once the student achieves their 100 day practice streak, they will be awarded with an official certificate and recognized at the next recital! Many parents work out an additional prize for their dedicated violinists. This prize could be a trip to King's Island, a new toy, or a cool new pair of shoes. Happy practicing!