Declan Made it to the Two Year Practice Club!


Congratulations, Declan! He hasn't missed a single day of violin practicing for TWO WHOLE YEARS! Declan is 6 years old, attends CHCA, and studies violin with Mrs. Jennifer in Cincinnati. He started studying violin at the age of 3, and is about to graduate from Suzuki Violin Volume 1.  He was interview on his practice success by his teacher, and here's what he had to say:

How much do you practice? "I practice 10 to 15 minutes a night because you don't learn anything if you only practice for 5 minutes."

Do you have any violin tips? "It is important to keep your jaw in the jaw rest and not your chin because that is how you hold your violin the right way."

Any practice advice? "You need a helper that knows the notes (Mom) so you know what to play; when you have a helper that only hums the tune (Dad) you do not know what notes to play."

Way to go, Declan! Keep up the hard work!!