Eleanor is the newest 100 Day Practice Club Member!

Violin Practice

Congratulations to Eleanor for earning her membership into the 100 Day Practice Club! Admittance to the club requires 100 consecutive days of violin practice- not an easy feat!!

Over the past 3 months, Eleanor made huge strides in her violin playing. She had learned all the notes and bowing to the first 8 songs in Suzuki Book One, but always made mistakes! She decided to really focus as she practiced, and kept track of the number of wrong notes in each performance. Everyday, her number of wrong notes got smaller and smaller, and before she knew it, she was able to perform all 8 pieces without a single slip up! No thats what I call focus and dedication! Eleanor didn't just focus on review songs, she also learned 3 brand new pieces during her 100 days!

Eleanor has also worked really hard on her note reading and letter names. Now, she knows all the note names for the A string and E string. You can read more about her note reading strategies here. Way to go Eleanor, you rock!