365 Days of Practice!

Congratulations to Ella F. for making it to 365 days of continuous practice!!! Ella attends Summit Country Day School and studies Suzuki violin with Ms Cara. 

Violin Practice Club

In her lesson this week, Ella and I reflected on the last year and all her accomplishments. She set a goal to learn Etude (one of THE hardest songs in the book!) by her 8th birthday, and she did it! She is also proud of the fact that she learned all of O' Come Little Children and May Song in just one week.

I am very proud of Ella for her improved sound, dedication, discipline, and awesome attitude. She is always asking great questions, and finding new patterns in the music!

Ella is currently trying to master the Minuets. Her new goal is to improve her posture and intonation. She hopes to complete Book One by the end of the summer. Way to go Ella, keep up the hard work!!!