Should I Buy or Rent a Violin?

Violin Rental

When parents enroll their child in music lessons, the next big question is what to do about an instrument?  Should you rent or buy?  Where should you rent or buy?  What size should you get, and what kind of model?  At City Strings & Piano, we answer those questions by giving our students rental and purchasing options streamlined to their needs.  

There are many fractional violin sizes that make learning the instrument easier for young children and our teachers will help you find the size most suited to your child.  We recommend that beginner violin students rent a violin, as their natural growth will necessitate sizing changes. We provide the most convenient violin rental options, by bringing the correctly-sized violin to your home for your child's lessons.  We take care of the strings and maintenance of the instrument, and we keep an eye out for the right time to move your child up to the next size.  Renting from City Strings is an investment in your student's forever violin, as we have purchasing options that honor the rental history that you've had with us.

For advanced students that are dedicated to continuing their musicianship for many years, we recommend making a purchase!  Your violin teacher should always be consulted when making your violin purchase, since the quality of your instrument directly affects your success.  A violin purchase is a wonderfully exciting investment, and it deserves detailed evaluation, and experienced ears to determine the suitability of the instrument for your needs.