Congrats, Alejandro!

World’s Best Posture Award!

City Strings

Alejandro was just awarded the “World’s Best Violin Posture” award. Congratulations! He has worked diligently over the last few months to make sure his violin placement is exactly were it should be. Sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable to hold your violin directly on your collar bone, and students develop the habit of holding their instruments several inches aways from their necks. Alejandro always tries to place his violin high on his shoulder, with his head gently resting on the chin rest. It’s really hard to break bad habits, and he is plugging away at replacing his old posture with a new habit! Before he starts playing a song, Alejandro takes a moment to remember what the world’s best posture looks like, and places his violin where it belongs. The posture improvement has given him a beautiful, big sound with clearer bow strokes.

Alejandro is five years old, and started violin lessons when he was four. He is currently working on the Twinkle Variations from Suzuki Violin Volume One with his teacher, Cara Simpson. He will have a chance to show off his amazing new posture at the City Strings & Piano Winter Recital this week. Way to go, Alejandro!