Adrian Zemor, Cello

New York City Cello Lessons

Adrian is a versatile and expressive cellist who performs and teaches in his hometown New York City. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2014.  As a performer, he has played with The Anna Myer Dance Company, The Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, and World Strings, both in which he worked his way to Assistant Principal cello. He has also performed on numerous recording sessions ranging from student projects to professional releases. Professional credits include the Berklee Scoring Sessions Program from 2012-2014 where he was often given the soloist role, along with documentaries Watchers of the Sky, and Passage to Mars. He currently writes and performs original compositions, taking influences from his classical training along with other genres learned along the way.

As a teacher, he has taught cello in a group setting at the Enriching Lives through Music program in San Rafael California, and at the Sistema Somerville program in Massachusetts, along with private lessons. He is a firm believer in patience, versatility, and in the development of self expression. He believes the tangible and intangible benefits of learning the cello translate into benefits in other areas of life. 

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